Steadynox Patient Transporter

The focus of the patient transporter is on patients with reduced mobility but with remaining muscle tone. Our conveyor is made of stainless steel, a characteristic that makes it ideal for use in cleaning processes in humid environments without risk of ageing due to oxidation. With the help of our engineering and design team, we also incorporated new industry-leading features.

1.390,00 Precio con IVA: 1.681,90


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Our patient transporter has been designed to be used for cleaning processes in humid environments and even directly in showers, thanks to the stainless steel used in its manufacture. In addition to the stainless steel satin finish, it can be offered in a wide range of colours without affecting its durability. We have also added opening regulation in the lower bars, in order to be able to bring the product closer to furniture with legs, and a lateral opening of the seats (in addition to the vertical one), to avoid the incorporation of patients.


  • Folding footrest, which allows both the comfortable and safe transfer of the patient, and the use of the same as an assisted walker.
  • Different ways of opening the seat cushions, being able to operate in various types of spaces and adapt to a wide range of patient sizes.
  • Adjustable base by means of adjustment with pedals.
  • Anti-tip system that provides maximum stability.
  • Avoids chair to chair transfers.
  • Very accessible position for the caregiver during the cleaning and grooming process.
  • Robust, light and attractive structure.
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