Electric articulated bed

Our articulated bed with lifting trolley has a height adjustable mechanism in a simple way and without any risk for the patient or for the professional. It is also extraordinarily stable and rigid.


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The articulated bed is ergonomically designed and can be easily manipulated and is highly maneuverable. It is a fully adjustable structure with double motor for train-antitrendelemburg positions. It has an electric articulated bed with 4 planes, with a system inside the frame. The lifting carriage provides the possibility of adjusting the height of the “bed” above the floor, and in this case, even the inclination of the “bed” with respect to the floor.


  • Bed base size 1900x900mm, and total bed size 2000x1000mm.
  • Electric elevation between 370 (minimum measurement in height of the bed base) and 700mm by means of a double system of connecting rods.
  • The articulation of the trunk can vary up to 75º, and that of the thighs up to 37º.
  • Upper frame made of steel tube profiles between 1.5 and 2.5mm thick and nylon-fibreglass. Central reinforcement in steel plate.
  • Lower frame made of steel plate and four 100mm diameter wheels, with brakes on two of them (individual). It has a set of actuators covered by a steel sheet casing.
  • Between both frames there is a 5mm nexus, on which electric motors and triangular connecting rods act, doubling the power of the motors, adding up to 6000N.
  • Electrical regulation of the thorax, thigh and leg sections.
  • Low voltage safety motorization, double insulated and with IPX4 protection degree.
  • Integrated, unique and ergonomic remote control for the operation of all functions, with function lock for nursing.
  • Plywood bed bases, steamed with textured and decorative coating.
  • Mounting with screws for easy maintenance.
  • Accessory slots in the corners of the headboard.
  • Mattress-holding piece at the feet.
  • High resistance electrostatic epoxy-polyester paint.
  • POSSIBLE ACCESSORIES (not included): Headboard and footboard (30mm MDF wood and PVC lamination); handrails; built-in; door holder.