AG200 Upright Stretcher

Stretcher for standing, which facilitates the boarding and disembarking of patients with ailments or spinal stiffness for recognition and handling.




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They are modular and height adjustable stretchers, which can be positioned at any angle (inclined plane).


  • Trapezoidal bed of 190x67cm in the headboard and 190x50cm in the footboard.
  • Height adjustable swivel armrests.
  • Hydraulic folding head.
  • Adjustable height: 60-100cm.
  • Foot support by means of retractable step.
  • Adjustable legs to the floor.

Technical data

  • Height adjustment 480/800 mm
  • Tilt adjustment: 0º / 83º.
  • Trapezoidal bed: 690 / 500 MILIMETERS.
  • Adjustable armrests in position and height.
  • Tilting headrest (-30º/+45º) with face window.
  • Approx. weight: 85 kg.
  • Electric drives of:
  • Voltage: 220 V/AC, at 50 or 60 HZ.
  • Current consumption: 2A.
  • Protection level: IP66
  • Maximum load: 125 KG.